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How Long Does COBRA Coverage Last?

COBRA stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of Act 1985, and this act requires employers with group health plans to offer their employees the opportunity to continue health coverage after they leave their job. In California, companies that have 20 or more employees fall under the COBRA rules. Under COBRA laws, if you voluntarily resign from your job or are terminated (for any reason other than gross misconduct), you are eligible for continuing your health coverage. It is very important to remember though that you only have 60 days to make your COBRA election before the opportunity goes away.

Below are the COBRA coverage periods and qualifying events.

  • Termination from a job - Employee, spouse & dependent child(ren) - 18 months
  • Reduction of hours - Employee, spouse & dependent child(ren) - 18 months
  • Disability extension - Employee, spouse & dependent child(ren) - 29 months
  • Employee who qualifies for Medicare - Employee & dependent child(ren) - 36 months
  • Divorce or legal separation - Spouse & dependent child(ren) - 36 months
  • Death of an employee - Spouse & dependent child(ren) - 36 months
  • Loss of dependent child status - Dependent child(ren) - 36 months
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