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Health Insurance For Your Company!

With the rising cost of healthcare becoming more and more of a problem, it is important that you take a proactive approach towards your employee benefits and do a comprehensive search of available plans.  Through our parent company, Navali & Company, we provide health insurance from all the major health insurance carriers in the small business health insurance space.  More importantly, we have been very successful in lowering health insurance premiums for our clients by providing the best health insurance rates in the market.

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We work with all of the most widely known carriers including:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • California Choice
  • Cigna
  • HealthNet
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • United Healthcare

We also help you with all of the ancillary benefits such as Dental Insurance, Vision, Group Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance and much more. 

You have tried a traditional approach towards health insurance and it has not worked.  Instead you have seen your premiums more than double over the last ten years and your benefits decrease.  It's time you took a fresh approach.  And the best part of it is that you will not have to pay an extra dime.

The Basics of Group Health Insurance

What Is It?

Group health insurance is employer-sponsored health coverage for business owners and employees.  Often times, group health insurance also covers spouses and dependents.  The majority of health insurance plans in the marketplace are through employer-sponsored plans.  The advantages of having health insurance through your employer is that the premium is shared by the company so what you pay is less than private health insurance.  From a company standpoint, their are tax incentives in providing health insurance for your employees, and more importantly, it will allow you to retain high quality employees because of the benefits you are providing them. 

How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

Employers are generally offered favorable health insurance plans when compared to private individual health insurance.  Once they choose a couple of plans that fit their budget, they must have a certain percentage of the employees participate and contribute towards the insurance premiums.  Typically, employers are required to cover at least 50% of the employee's premiums.  The company can also choose to cover dependents on their employer-sponsored plans.

Why Would I Offer Health Insurance To My Workforce?

As your company starts to grow, adding high quality employees is crucial to your success.  Adding a group health insurance plan for your employees will help you attract and retain the best workers.  Moreover, employee satisfaction will increase because your employees know you have their best interest in mind.

How To Qualify For Group Health Insurance

For new group health insurance plans, you need a minimum of 2 employees and generally have to be in business for at least a year.  Health insurance carriers will typically ask for wage reports to prove eligibility, organization papers to prove existence, and applications from the company to get the process started.  The great thing about group health insurance in California is that it is guaranteed issue for companies less than 51 employees.  Meaning, you do not have to worry about going through medical underwriting.  You will be approved.  And we are here to help your company every step of the way.

Types of Plans For Group Health Insurance

Because carriers prefer to issue health insurance policies to groups rather than individuals, the plans they offer are often more favorable and affordable.  Their is less risk for an insurance carrier because it is spread across more individuals.  Just like individual policies, group health insurance plans offer HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, and HRA options.  The advantages are that group health insurance plans have better benefits and better rates than individual private plans.  Meaning, your premium dollars will go farther under an employer-sponsored plan.  Additionally, most group health insurance plans cover maternity care.   


Plans That Make Sense For My Company

Depending on the size, demographic and budget of your company, their are many different plans to choose from and offer your employees.  Sometimes, for instance, younger employees do not need the richest health insurance plans so a high-deductible plan might make the most sense.  In contrast, sometimes you will do better for your employees by offering a set of options if your company has a mix of younger and older employees.  For the small group segment (2-51 employees), most of the premium cost is age-driven, so call us and we can help you decide which plans make the most sense for your company.

How Can I Lower The Cost of My Group Health Insurance

Health insurance for your small business is crucial to keep your employees happy and retain top talent within the company.  However, we know that group health insurance can be very costly for your company.  There are some ways to lower your costs for providing health insurance for your employees.  Deductibles is an important part of determining price for health insurance.  For instance, increasing the deductible can lower your premiums and make insurance more affordable.  If your company has a healthier and younger workforce, then this strategy might make sense. 

Also, plan and carrier selection is very important in determining the price of your group health insurance.  Depending on the geography of your employees, the carrier and plans you choose can change the price drastically.  For instance, in most group health insurance plans, HMOs are usually cheaper than PPOs.  Also, some carriers offer reduced networks and plans that are more affordable than other plans.  Sometimes selecting these plans makes the most sense for your company because of the location of your company and your employees.  Let us help you go through all your options and pick the right plan for your company. 

To learn more about group health insurance options and where your company fits, visit us here.

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