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Health Insurance Exchange In The Future

Starting in 2014, each state will be required to operate an online marketplace for consumers to shop individual and family health insurance.  These online websites will be known as health insurance exchanges.  And its primary purpose is to offer affordable health insurance for all Americans.   

These health insurance exchanges came as a result from the health reform passed two years ago.  However, it has not seen its fair share of debate.  Many people are saying that the health reform will not lead to cheaper health care for everyone.  In fact, many are predicting that the health reform will cause prices to rise for consumers as health insurance carriers will be forced to alter their current delivery models. 

The health reform, and also the health insurance exchanges, are kind of stuck for the time being.  The reason is because the Supreme Court is currently deciding on whether or not they should through the new health reform laws.  The Supreme Court is ruling on whether or not the reform is consitutional.  The ruling should be coming out in June.  And this ruling will drive a lot of decisions about the health insurance exchanges for each state. 

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