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Anthem Blue Cross of California

CoreGuard 7500 Plus Health Insurance Plan

A plan summary of the Anthem Blue Cross of California CoreGuard 7500 Plus Plan is detailed out below for both In Network and Out of Network coverage.

                                                In Network Out of Network




  Office Visits

50% 70%

  Annual Deductible

Individual: $7,500 Family: $15,000

Individual: $7,500 Family: $15,000

  Annual Out-Of-Pocket  Limit

Individual: $3,500 Family: $7,000 (Deductible not Included)

Individual: $7,500 Family: $15,000 (Deductible not Included)

  Lifetime Maximum

Unlimited Unlimited

  Prescription Drugs

Tier 1: $15

Tier 2: $40

Tier 3: $60

($7,500 Deductible / member /  Tier 2 & 3)

Not Covered

  Laboratory & X-Ray

50% 70%

  Annual Physical Exam

No Charge 70%

  Annual OB-GYN Exam

No Charge 70%

  Well Baby Care

No Charge 70%

  Outpatient Surgery

50% 70%

  Emergency Room

50% 50%

  Inpatient Hospital

50% 70%


See Brochure See Brochure

  Home Health Care

See Brochure See Brochure

  Mental Health - Outpatient

See Brochure See Brochure

  Chiropractic Care

See Brochure See Brochure


See Brochure See Brochure

  Mental Health - Inpatient

See Brochure See Brochure

  Chemical Dependency

50% (30 days / member /   calendar year; In and Out-of-Network combined) 70% (30 days / member / calendar year; In and Out-of-Network combined)

  Maternity Care

Not Covered Not Covered


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