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Health Net California Health Insurance Plans


Below are a list of all of the California Health Insurance Plans that Health Net California offers.  If you would like a free quick and easy quote on these plans simply enter the zip code above or click here.

Understanding what is covered and what is not under Health Net California Health insurance Plans.


The HMO plans offer a cost-efficient way to manage your health care, especially if doctor visits are often occured.  The office visits for this plan are $40.  The plan has a $1,500 calendar year deductible, which is for inpatient hospital services only.

Health Net California - HMO 40

Health Net California - HMO 40 w/ D&V



The ValueNet plans are applicant-only PPO insurance plans.  Since no dependents are allowed to be on the plan, the premiums for these plans tend to be low.  These plans are designed for those who rarely get sick or go to the doctor.  They are built to provide protection against the unexpected.

Health Net California - ValueNet

Health Net California - ValueNet w/ D&V


Optimum Advantage HSA

The Optimum Advantage HSA 4500 NG is a high-deductible health insurance plan that provides 100% in-network coverage after the deductible has been met.  This plan is HSA compatible, which allows you to open an Health Savings Account to pay for qualified medical expenses with tax-free dollars. 

Health Net California - Optimum Advantage HSA 4500

Health Net California - Optimum Advantage JSA 4500 w/ D&V


Quick Net Select

Health Net California - Quick Net Select 750

Health Net California - Quick Net Select 1000

Health Net California - Quick Net Select 2000

Health Net California - Quick Net Select 4500


CA Farm Bureau PPO Insurance Plans

The California Farm Bureau Members' Health Insurance Plance combine the financial strength of Health Net Life Insurance with customer choice.  In order to have access to these plans, you must be a member of the CA Farm Bureau.  It is easy and affordable to join the California Farm Bureau. 

CFB Sensible PPO HSA 5200 NG

CFB Budget PPO NG 7500

CFB Budget PPO NG 6000

CFB PPO Plans - Optional Coverages


To start researching the right plans for you, click here to get instant quotes of all the major carriers in California. 


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